Soundschool's approach helps to improve speaking and writing, self-confidence and social skills. In our latest two programmes Soundschool actually became a part of the projects.

The IPC topic work was merged with a literacy programme being rolled out across the country. We sent a radio news team back in time to cover the Roman invasion of Britain ....the battles, the reasons, the aftermath, Roman culture, lifestyle etc. We turned all that into a radio news magazine programme.
The children wrote news voice pieces, scripts for role plays, background pieces, tourist brochures for ancient Rome, profiles and a whole lot more. We added sound effects and music into the mix and all concerned have been hugely impressed with how the programmes turned out, how professional they sounded and how well they fitted in with both the topic and the literacy programme.

The programmes and “radio” features last anywhere from five minutes to about 20 minutes, can  be about absolutely anything and can be tailored to fit in with whatever  a teacher is doing in class.
They enhance the teacher’s imaginative work  and help to put it into an attention-holding framework and give it focus and perspective. They allow children to see WHY they’re learning grammar and how words and sentences and descriptive colour can be used in the real world.
Mostly they’re about the curriculum and topic work the children do in school. Sometimes they’re about the school itself………. a school celebration or anniversary…..or a  special event in school.

They always grab attention and they’re very inclusive.

About Soundschool

Soundschool specialises in bringing primary school topics to life and in inspirational projects for adults with learning difficulties and memory problems.



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